Sometimes there are places that just hit different and this is one of them. Everything I put in my mouth was out of this world delicious and I’ll just come right out and say it, Wicked Oak BBQ is one of the best BBQ joints in the Bay, no doubt!

Wicked Oak Barbeque in Seminole Heights

It was regular Saturday, just after washing our cars that we decided to get out of the house for lunch and try a new BBQ joint. By 100% chance we opted to head over to the Seminole Heights area and checkout Wicked Oak. Truth is I got hit with some facebook ad from a local bank a couple weeks before that featured them so I thought “if the bank is putting their name on it, it has to be good, right?”. So off we went on our trek and man was it worth it. 

Located on the northern side of Seminole Heights, Wicked Oak splits the building with King of the Coup. It is incredibly clean and has a really good vibe to it. There isn’t any indoor seating but they do have seating in a back patio. There’s 3 or 4 tables with chairs for you and the family to pile on to but know, if it’s a busy day there may not be anywhere to sit. 

I kept the location a surprise so my family had no idea where we were going. This is always good for the “wow” factor but almost always bad for the “what do I order” factor.  Pro Tip: give the Wicked Oak menu a look before you head over because they have some interesting stuff on the menu outside of just ordering a meat. Fortunately for us, the people here were awesome. The staff was super friendly and I’m pretty sure the owner was walking around helping people too. 

We were hungry and figured to write a good review we wanted to focus on the meat and sides, so we went with platters. I ordered the Brisket Platter and my wife ordered the Pulled Pork platter because really these are the meats that matter. We also got 4 different sides as well for the sake of trying as much as possible

The Meat

You know those moments when you get a bite of something and that look of complete shock comes across your face. Ya, that was both of us. We were both pretty blown away with how good the meat was. It had a subtle hit of smoke while being really tender. To be very honest, I was completely blown away with just how good it was. I 100% did not expect to be as good as it was. Now it’s easy to see why they have so many awards on the wall. 

The Sides

Because we ordered platters we each got a slice of Texas Toast and two sides. So all together we had Baked Beans, Potato Salad, Hog Feed (Cornbread Casserole), and Mac & Cheese.  Look, again, we truly don’t have a bad thing to say about any of these. They were all incredibly well made. The Mac & Cheese was super cheesy with cracked pepper in it so it had a little bit of that pepper bite to it. The Baked Beans weren’t overly sweet and had a good smoke flavor to them. The Potato Salad was a creamy southern style and the Hog Feed was an interesting take on cornbread casserole with some jalapeno heat it. 

I would eat all of those again for sure. 

The Sweet Tea Factor

This one is funny because yes the sweet tea was good, it didn’t give me a diabetic shock but it was just a good cold sweet iced tea. What my kid liked more than anything was the Wicked Tea, which I assume is some sort of mixture of different teas… but she’s 4. 

The Cost

Initially, when we paid I thought the place was really expensive but we did get two platters and the 3 of us couldn’t finish them. So we got a lot of food. Also, this is why I say give the menu a look before you go. The prices really are right on point for what you get and if you get a sandwich platter (sandwich+2 sides) you’re looking $13 for a whole lot of deliciousness. 

BBQ Bay Rating: 4.5

Because we can’t give a 5 star right out of the gate. We will most definitely be back again. 

Couple things to know when you go…

  • Burnt Ends only on Fridays
  • Sliced Brisket only on Sundays
  • Look at the menu before you go
  • Limited Outdoor Seating

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