We want REAL reviews from REAL Patrons

If you’ve visited one of the locations we have listed, we want your opinion! Call yourself a published author, social rockstar or whatever you want… and we’ll pay up to $30 of your bill for it too! But lets be honest, what we need more than anything is a quality review so that when some reads it, they can make a good decision about their hard earned money. Positive, negative, or indifferent, we want to know what you really think. So here’s what we want and what you’ll get: 

We need…

  • At least a 1000 words talking through all aspects of your visit. 
  • Pictures! the more pictures the better. Pictures of food and location. 
  • Your “published” name and desired profile picture. 
  • Copy/picture of your receipt.
  • Above all else, we want honesty. Good and Bad. 

You get…

  • We’ll cover up to $30 of your visit. 
  • You get the credit! we’ll link to your desired link or social channels.

The community gets…

  • A trusted voice
  • Intel on a potential new place to take their family.

* We will review each and every submission. Want to know if you can write about a location before you put in the work? No Problem! send us an email to info[at]thebbqbay.com to call “dibs” on a location. 

**We reserve the right to deny review that we don’t deem worthy of being posted. It’s our mission to maintain quality reviews postings for our community. 

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