Jazzy’s BBQ

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Jazzy’s BBQ
5703 W. Waters Avenue
Tampa, FL 33634
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Huge plates of barbecue come with familiar sides such as mac ’n’ cheese at this upbeat institution.

Location Review: Jazzy’s BBQ

Jazzy's BBQ Header Sign

Not only is BBQ about making great tasting food, it’s about family and that’s what you get a Jazzy’s. Everything we had was delicious and the owner was in there making sure everyone had a great experience. Can’t recommend this place enough.

Jazzy’s BBQ in Tampa

This place is one of those hidden gems that when you go there, you really feel good about it. Not just because you had great food and walk out smelling like smoke afterwards because they are cooking it right there IN the restaurant, but because the people there are super nice. I mean, how can you not support a place when the owners themselves are out in the dining room cleaning tables and making sure their guests have a great experience. I don’t actually know them, but I’ve been there enough to know who they are and its a big part of why I have a soft spot for this place. 

Jazzy’s is located right at Waters Avenue and the Veterans expressway, directly across from the WaWa gas station. It’s an older building because they’ve been there for a while but typically you can’t miss it because there’s smoke pouring from the building, unlike the commercial place down the street. 

A buddy and I decided to head there for lunch after the rush because this place is a local favorite lunch spot. There were still quite a few people but we worked through the line quickly and the food was served piping hot straight from the pit. Price wise, lunch here is great. For just under $10 you get a sandwich as big as your face and one side. So lets jump into the specifics here… 

The Meat

I ordered a beef sandwich and like I said above, it was huge. Served on a large bun and overflowing with meat. It was awesome, I mean how can it not be? You can actually watch them pull the meat off the smoker and chop it up fresh right there from the counter. 

The Sides

Since I went for lunch I only had one side, coleslaw. I thought it was really good. It the right amount of tang to it and was still crunch, so you could tell it was super fresh. My friend had the Mac-n-Cheese and said it was delicious. I would definitely get the coleslaw again. 

They don’t get super fancy here with the sides but they do have your typical BBQ compliments in BBQ Beans, Collard Greens, Corn, and Potato Salad

The Sauce

Pre-covid they use to put the sauce out on the tables but now when you order they ask you what sauce you would like. May I suggest the Hot Sauce. It is delicious. Their sauces are a bit thinner and I believe they are more vinegar based. No matter which direction you go though, it’s super good. 

The Sweet Tea Factor

This one is easy. Their sweet tea is the kind that will give you diabetic shock so you know it’s made in the south. Super good and you can’t go wrong here. 

The Cost

The prices here are on par with every other place but I will say the amount of food you get for your money is unmatched. They pile these plates high so the value you get for your money is off the charts

BBQ Bay Rating: 4.2

I love this place and will absolutely be back many times. If you haven’t been, this place definitely needs to be on your list. 

I only have 1 knock on this place and really it’s not bad however, I always tend to go here before a meeting or when Im dressed nice… don’t do that. Reason being is you will walk out of here smelling like the pit. It’s not the worst but people will know that’s where you were and will wonder why you didn’t bring them any 🙂